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5 Top Tips for Traveling with Your Teddy

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

It’s vacation season again and whilst we’re all set with our 6 pairs of flip flops and inflatable flamingos, it can be a little harder to know how to care for our furrier companions whilst away. In this blog, we’ve outlined our five top tips for taking teddies on your holidays, so that your whole family can have the break you deserve.

One: Keeping them safe

A big worry for all loving owners can be how to keep your teddy safe and by your side whilst you are on your travels. Try to carry your companion as little as possible, new environments and lots of distractions can leave us prone to leaving things behind, and we all know how stressful that can be. Stick your teddy in a rucksack, or even leave them in your accommodation for ultimate peace of mind. For those looking to go the extra step, there are of course extra measures you can take. Our great friends at Plushiewear have come up with a fabulous product which addresses just this issue. Their PlushieID product is a tag which you can buy and attach to your friend. They’re issued with a unique ID number so that if the unimaginable happens, and your loved one is lost, your details will be available when their tag is searched, so that you can be reunited once again. Two other similar products we recommend are the Virgin Teddy Tracker and the Richmond Toy Tracking Chip (yes, the one that sells sausages!).

Two: Wear and tear

We all plan our vacations very differently, some like crazy adventures upon mountain tops, and others prefer to remain horizontal on a beach in the sun (yes please). Remember your furry friends don’t have skin that heals as easily as ours, and so be extra careful when deciding what adventures to include them in. Even for those of us who prefer to lounge in the sun, we must remember the damage we could be doing. Direct sunlight is one of the biggest causes of fade and texture damage for our little friends and so however tempting it may seem to have them join you read a book on the balcony, remember that they need a little more than suncream to keep them safe and protected. Try dressing them in clothes, to protect their delicate fur or keep them inside just to be sure. For when accidents do happen however, there are always teddy bear hospitals like the one run by Alice’s Bearshop who are always able to lend a hand in restoring your little one back to full health.

Three: Share your adventures

Not only is it great fun for you and your family to take a trip with your teddy as a companion, there are also plenty of others that would love to follow your adventures with you. Personally, we love seeing what you and your furry friends get up to on your travels, but we know we’re not alone. Social media in particular, is full of hashtags such as #teddytravels which will connect you with a world of excited followers and fellow travelers. For those of you more serious about sharing your journey than the occasional Instagram upload, there are websites such as which upon purchase of one of their passports, will give you access to your own teddy blog and virtual community for others wanting to share their own, or follow your and your teddy’s travel story.

Four: Top teddy destinations

If teddies are a big part of your life, why not consider building this even more into your travel plans by considering some of the world’s top teddy destinations. In CheapFlight’s article by Brittany Dietz, Paddington Station (London), Whinnie the Pooh’s Whinnipeg (Canada) and the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory (USA) are all mentioned as some of the top toy destinations. Other suggestions include Boston, based on the filming of the movie ‘Ted’, the Teddy Bear’s Train Ride in Texas and even Seogwipo’s Teddy Bear Museum in South Korea. For more information, or inspiration on where to take your ted, check out the article for yourself at

Top tip four: When you can’t go, but want them to have an adventure

Whilst many of us are lucky enough to get away, at least once a year. There are times when a holiday is just not possible. Thanks to some imaginative travel agencies around the world, being unable to get away yourself no longer means your teddy can’t have an adventure of their own. With Unagi Travel, a Japanese Travel Agency for Stuffed Animals, you can send your loved ones off for an adventure of their own whilst the company makes sure they share lots of footage with you along the way. This is of course, maybe a better option for teddies that are a bit more experienced in the art of travel, and for owners with brave enough to put their teddy in the hands of others.

Of course, none of this matters unless you remember the passports! For teddy’s, we recommend good friends for all furry documentation needs.

Do you have any travel tips? Why not do a post of your own with the hashtag #teddytraveltips. Don’t forget to tag us to make sure we see your posts!

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