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What is Wild Republic? Learn everything about Wild Republic in our soft toy guide

29 February 2024

Wild Republic, a pillar in soft toys, brings the wonders of the wild to life with its captivating and quality creations. Explore the huggable world of Wild Republic, where nature meets playfulness.

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For decades, Wild Republic has been a leader in soft toys, bringing the wonders of wildlife to life with authentic and quality designs. Their creations, known for their lifelike charm, have captured the hearts of children and nature enthusiasts alike.

With a legacy spanning generations, Wild Republic continues to impress collectors, embodying a timeless tradition of excellence in crafting huggable companions. Here are some key insights into Wild Republic:

Wild Republic facts

Year created: Wild Republic was created in 1979.

Country of origin: Wild Republic was founded in the USA.

What Wild Republic is known for: Wild Republic is known for its diverse range of wildlife-themed soft toys and is recognised for its realistic and detailed animal plushies.

Average Wild Republic cost: On average, prices typically range from £10 to £30, or more. Prices are based on factors such as the size and type of soft toy it is, as well as special collections or larger-sized plush toys.

What is Wild Republic?

Wild Republic is a beloved brand of soft toys, known for their captivating and lifelike creations inspired by the wonders of nature. From creatures of the wild to cuddly critters, each design reflects their commitment to authentic designs.

Wild Republic isn’t just known for their soft toys. The brand's dedication to creating huggable and educational toys has made Wild Republic a trusted name, inviting both children and nature enthusiasts into a world where every plush creation tells a story of the wild.

A brief history behind Wild Republic

Wild Republic was founded back in 1979 by G.B. and Kamala Pillai, originally as K&M International. It soon rebranded to Wild Republic in 1999 due to the wildly popular Wild Republic Hanging Monkey line.

Mr Pillai, whose passion for wildlife ignited the creation of his own soft toys. His journey began selling a dolphin plush and evolved into innovative products like the first hanging monkey.

Mr and Mrs Pillai’s collaborative efforts shaped Wild Republic, fostering a legacy that connects children to the enchanting world of wildlife. 

Today, the brand stands as a testament to Mr Pillai’s vision, captivating young minds with their soft toys whilst educating children about all sorts of wildlife. See our jungle soft toys.

A fun act about Wild Republic

Wild Republic takes its commitment to the environment and wildlife seriously. In a noteworthy initiative, the brand produced a special line of plush soft toys made entirely from recycled materials.

This eco-friendly collection not only showcased Wild Republic's creativity, but also emphasised their dedication to sustainable practices.

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