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What is Merrythought? Learn everything about Merrythought in our soft toy guide

29 February 2024

Merrythoughts, a hallmark in classic teddy bears, is celebrated for timeless designs and unmatched quality. With a dedication to charm and design, here’s everything you need to know about Merrythoughts and their soft toys.

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For more than 80 years, Merrythoughts has been a trusted name in the world of classic teddy bears. The brand has earned its place as an iconic creator of timeless, huggable companions and soft toys, capturing the hearts of generations.

With a legacy that spans over eight decades, Merrythoughts continues to impress enthusiasts and collectors alike, embodying a timeless tradition of excellence in classic teddy bear craftmanship. Here are some Merrythought insights:

Merrythought facts

Year created: Merrythought was created in 1930.

Country of origin: Merrythoughts was founded in the UK.

What Merrythought is known for: One of the most iconic Merrythoughts’ bears is the “Cheeky bear” which is characterised by its mischievous and playful appearance.

Average Merrythought cost: On average, prices typically range from £10 to £30, or more. Prices are based on factors such as the size and type of soft toy it is.

What is Merrythought?

Founded in 1930, Merrythought is an iconic name in the world of classic teddy bears. With a legacy spanning over eight decades, Merrythought has become synonymous with timeless charm and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Specialising in classic teddy bears, Merrythought is renowned for its attention to detail and commitment to using premium materials. Each teddy bear carries the hallmark of exceptional craftsmanship, making Merrythought a trusted name among collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

A brief history behind Merrythought

Merrythought was founded back in 1930 by W.G. Holmes in Ironbridge, Shropshire. The brand began as a family venture dedicated to creating classic teddy bears of exceptional quality.

Over the years, Merrythought has become an iconic symbol of classic teddy bears. The brand's dedication to premium materials and attention to detail gained prominence, leading to the creation of a range of soft toy companions.

Today, Merrythought continues to be a beacon of tradition, embodying a legacy of craftsmanship that has made it a cherished name in the world of soft toys. 

A fun fact about Merrythought

Merrythought has a charming tradition of crafting limited-edition bears to celebrate significant royal occasions. This includes designing a unique bear to commemorate the birth of Prince George in 2013.

The bear was designed with a unique ribbon and a commemorative tag, capturing the joyous spirit of national events.

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