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Eco Friendly Soft Toy Adoption Centre


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Why buy a soft toy with Loved Before?

Choosing a pre-loved soft toy from Loved Before isn't just a purchase; it's a thoughtful step towards a brighter future for our planet. Our sustainable soft toys offer more than just cuddles – each one carries a gentle reminder about the significance of mindful consumerism and sustainability.

At Loved Before, we believe in the power of second chances and the beauty of extending a toy's lifespan. When you select one of our eco-friendly toys, you're not only bringing home a fluffy companion but contributing to a larger narrative of sustainability.

Explore our collections, where every soft toy has a story to tell. As you make a conscious choice for a

pre-loved friend, you're not just buying a toy; you're becoming a part of a movement that values both the past and the future


Before you even buy a sustainable soft toy with Loved Before, they have had a life and adventure of their own


Every time you buy an eco toy with Loved Before, you contribute towards a life changing wish with Make-A-Wish UK


Since 2019, we have re-homed nearly 5,000 soft toys and saved thousands more from landfill

 We take pride in ensuring that all our packaging & materials are sustainably sourced and fully recyclable/biodegradable, minimising their impact on the environment.

At Loved Before, our commitment to a better world goes beyond sustainable toys. We proudly donate 50% of our profits to various charitable causes, each one dedicated to making a positive impact. When adopting one of our eco toys you're not just providing a child with a sustainable toy; you're actively participating in the journey of positive change.

Join us in shaping a greener, more compassionate world—one recycled toy at a time.

Discover the joy of purposeful shopping at Loved Before, where every choice echoes with the harmony of sustainability and kindness.


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Perfect for everyday adventures and make great bedtime companions

Fraser Bear 2004 - Pre-loved

Teenies Collection

Perfect for pockets and the palm of your hand!

Sustainable Small Dog Soft Toy

Big Love Range

Perfect for life-size hugs, need a little more space than other friends!

Extra Large Second hand toy
Giraffe Icon - Loved Before

What makes our sustainable soft toys sustainable? 

At Loved Before every soft toy we rehome has had previous lives and adventures  Donated toys undergo a meticulous spa treatment & restoration to ensure they are ready for their new home. Sustainable toys that not only bring joy but also a unique story reborn.

The pre-loved nature of of sustainable toys mean they will never end up in landfill. So far by recycling toys we have managed to save over 250 tonnes of waste from landfill. In addition, we estimate that with every toy re-homed and saved from landfill we stop around 1kg of CO2 being produced. 


Join us in our mission – by the end of 2023 is to have rehomed over 10,000 eco toys to new homes around the world. We believe that through the medium of teddy bears we can educate the next generation that sustainable consumerism does not mean a compromise in quality.

Bear Icon - Loved Before

All our soft toys are sustainable, environmentally friendly and because of their stories, they are even more special then buying new!

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What happens when I buy a soft toy?


When you buy a soft toy, they are given a thorough clean and refresh in our spa


Your recycled soft toy will be safely snuggled in our packaging with their story card and welcome guide

Once your eco toy arrives, you can recycle our packaging and even use it to donate 


As your cuddly toy settles in, you can upload new adventures to our
Loved Again section


Have more questions?

At Loved Before, we always want to help you find the right teddy to adopt. Our store is updated with new sustainable soft toys every week! Follow us on socials, or subscribe for reminders on releases

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