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Why buy a soft toy with Loved Before?

Choosing a pre-loved soft toy from Loved Before isn't just a purchase; it's a thoughtful step towards a brighter future for our planet. Our sustainable soft toys offer more than just cuddles – each one carries a gentle reminder about the significance of mindful consumerism and sustainability.

At Loved Before, we believe in the power of second chances and the beauty of extending a toy's lifespan. When you select one of our eco-friendly toys, you're not only bringing home a fluffy companion but contributing to a larger narrative of sustainability.

Explore our collections, where every soft toy has a story to tell. As you make a conscious choice for a

pre-loved friend, you're not just buying a toy; you're becoming a part of a movement that values both the past and the future


Before you even buy a sustainable soft toy with Loved Before, they have had a life and adventure of their own


Every time you buy an eco toy with Loved Before, you contribute towards a life changing wish with