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What are Charlie Bears? Learn everything about Charlie Bears in our soft toy guide

29 February 2024

Charlie Bears is a UK-based brand associated with collectible teddy bears. Known for its high-quality and diverse range, our guide explores the charm and craftsmanship of Charlie Bears.

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For nearly two decades, Charlie Bears has become an established brand in the world of collectible teddy bears. Founded in the UK, Charlie Bears is renowned for its commitment to creating high-quality, distinctive soft toy bears.

Offering a wide array of bears that come with their personality and charm, Charlie Bears has become a cherished name among collectors and teddy bear lovers. Here’s some insights into Charlie Bears:

Charlie Bears facts

Year created: Charlie Bears was created in 2005.

Country of origin: Build-a-Bear was founded in the UK.

What Charlie Bears is known for: Charlie Bears are renowned for its collection of artist-designed teddy bears and plush animals, as well as the variety and uniqueness of each bear.

Average Charlie Bears cost: On average, prices typically range from £30 to £100, or more. Prices are dependent on size, materials and design, as well as if its limited editions or bears from specific collections.

What are Charlie Bears?

Charlie Bears are a distinguished brand with a speciality in crafting collectible teddy bears for nearly two decades.

The hallmark of Charlie Bears lies with its commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and unique designs. Each bear is carefully crafted, making Charlie Bears a favourite among collectors.

Charlie Bears are created from premium materials, ensuring durability and a timeless appeal. Their soft toys become treasured companions for individuals of all ages who appreciate the artistry and uniqueness of each bear in the Charlie Bears collection. Adopt a soft toy. 

A brief history behind Charlie Bears

Charlie Bears was established by Charlotte and William Morris in the UK back in 2005. Sharing a passion for creating unique, high-quality soft toys that would stand out in the world of collectibles, Charlie Bears offered a new level of charm and personality in each bear.

The company quickly gained recognition for its commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Charlie Bears dedication to producing bears with individuality and character helped grow the brand within the world of teddy bears.

Over the years, Charlie Bears expanded its range of bears as well as introducing new designs and characters to captivate teddy bear enthusiasts. Their commitment to quality materials and its unique approach to creating bears with unique personalities have contributed to its enduring popularity.

Today, Charlie Bears stands as a symbol for creativity and individual expression in the world of collectible soft toys. Charlie Bears continues to be recognised for its artistry of each bear, ensuring they remain a beloved and sought-after brand. See our teddy bears. 

A fun fact about Charlie Bears

Charlie Bears often include a hidden pocket somewhere on the bear. The secret pocket might contain a small keepsake or note, adding an extra element of discovery and charm to each bear.

It’s a whimsical touch that adds to the uniqueness and personality each soft toy has from the Charlie Bears collection.

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