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What is Aurora World? Learn everything about Aurora World in our soft toy guide

29 February 2024

For decades, Aurora World is known for bringing endless joy with their cuddly soft toy creations. Here’s everything you need to know about Aurora World and who they are.

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Since the early 1980s, Aurora World has been a beacon of charm for generations. With a commitment to quality, their soft toy companions have become cherished friends in households worldwide.

Auroura World continues to craft memories through their huggable wonders. Embraced by collectors and loved by children and enthusiasts, these soft toys transcend generations. Here’s some key insights into Aurora World:

Aurora World facts

Year created: Aurora World was created in 1981.

Country of origin: Aurora World was founded in South Korea.

What Aurora World is known for: Aurora World is known for its high-quality collections that includes animals, fantasy creatures and characters.

Average Aurora World cost: On average, prices typically range from £10 to £30, or more. Prices are based on factors such as the size and type of soft toy it is, as well as special collections or larger-sized plus toys.

What is Aurora World?

Aurora World is a recognisable brand in the world of soft toys, who have been creating cuddly companions for generations. Specialising in crafting adorable plush soft toys, Aurora is celebrated for its committed to its quality and designs.

The essence of Aurora World lies in the artistry and charm put into each soft toy companion. From classic designs to whimsical characters, every creation reflects Aurora’s dedication to crafting not just soft toys, but cherished friends.

A brief history behind Aurora World

Aurora World was founded in 1981 in Seoul, South Korea. Established by its founder, Heui-Yeol Noh, the company quickly became a leading force in the world of soft toys, with offices across Asia, Europe and America.

The brand quickly grew due to its popularity of producing high-quality soft toys, with Aurora World being sold in over 45,000 retailers worldwide.

Today, Aurora World boasts a range of fun, colourful characters, from wild and domestic animals, teddy bears and novelty characters too. Aurora continues to be a global leader with creating soft toys that continue to capture the imagination of children, enthusiasts and collectors. See our soft toys. 

A fun fact about Aurora World

Aurora World is home to a diverse range of soft toys, as well as the ability to create licensed characters too! From BT21 to The Gruffalo, each collaboration adds a unique touch to Aurora’s collection, showcasing their versatility and ability to bring characters to life in soft toy forms!

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