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The Bookshelf

Inspiring little ears. Because changing the world isn't just for bedtime stories.

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Celebrating Stories

Founded with a mission to redefine perceptions about used toys, Loved Before believes that each toy carries a unique story and remains invaluable due to the love and memories it embodies. "The Bookshelf" extends this philosophy by curating specially selected children's books that align with the agency's ethos and further celebrate the the power of a fluffin’ good story.

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More books coming soon...


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Our bookshelf aims to celebrate the magic and power of storytelling, empowering little ones to learn and connect through the pages.

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The space aims to give a platform to emerging authors and talented creatives as they share their stories with the world.

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Each book is specially selected by our team as it fits our brand, what we believe in and the positive change we hope to see in the world.

Our first release

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"Meet Alexander Pawsworth, the teddy who travels from one home to the next, making friends, having adventures, and adding new chapters to his story the way only a pre-loved bear can."


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