Thinking of donating?

We accept all donations of teddy bears and other soft toys. No matter if it’s an old bear, a handmade friend or a new branded toy, there is a place for everyone at Loved Before.


To donate your soft toy (or a collection of them!) scroll down below and follow the steps. Your toy donation journey starts today!

Still unsure about how to donate your teddy bear or soft toy to us? Contact us now and we can help you out. 

We want to make your toy donation as simple as possible. You can book a courier to collect your donation on a day that suits you best. Please note that we are unable to book couriers for the next couple of weeks due to a move of premises. You can still send to us independently or drop things off, just get in touch or see below for more details.

How To Donate

So, first you'll need to download our card and

print it off (or just use a

pen and paper!)

The idea of the cards are
to tell us
a bit about the life, story or character of the
toy you're donating.


If you're struggling for what to write, try some of our prompts to give you a helping hand.


Getting them to us

If you would like to book a courier to collect from your doorstep for free, click here. Please note that this is only possible for donations of 5 or more. Please note that we are unable to book couriers for the next couple of weeks due to a move of premises. You can still send to us independently or drop off, however we won't be managing the booking system ourself until we resume this part of the service very shortly.

If you'd like to mail them to us, please wrap any donations up safe with their stories and send to:

80C Bushey Grove Road,

WD232GN, Watford, Hertfordshire 

Frequently asked questions

Do you collect teddies anywhere in the UK?

Yes, if you’re looking to donate a teddy or any other stuffed toy, and live in the UK, you can post your donation to this address:

80C Bushey Grove Road,

WD232GN, Watford, Hertfordshire

If you live outside of the UK and would like to donate to Loved Before, please contact us here. We’ll be able to see what we can do to accept your teddy bear donation!

What type of stuffed toys can I donate?

At Loved Before, we accept a range of soft toys. No matter what type it is, species, age, make or condition, we can accept your toy donation.

Unsure if you can donate your toy to us? Check out our adopted page to see what kind of teddy bears and other stuffed toys we’ve rehomed. You can also contact us here if you’re still unsure about your soft toy donation.

Do all toy donations need to have their own story?

We encourage everyone who wants to donate to write a story for their toy. However, if you just want to donate without writing a story, that’s fine too!

Once they’ve arrived at the Loved Before HQ, we’ll make sure they’ll have everything they need when they find their brand new home. Get your adoption story card here.

What happens after I’ve booked a courier?

Once you’ve booked your courier, the team at Loved Before we’ll send you a confirmation email and that will include all the extra information on what you need to do next.

Haven’t received your confirmation email from us but have booked a courier? Get in touch here and we’ll help you with your donation.

Once you’re all booked in, why not check out and join our Loved Before community? Our Loved Again section is a dedicated area for people to share pictures of their donations. You can also share pictures of teddy bears or stuffed toys that you’ve rehomed with us.

Do I need to clean my donation first?

It would be great if the toys you are donating to Loved Before have been cleaned and washed. However, before a stuffed toy gets rehomed on our store, we make sure each and every toy goes through a full spa and hygiene process.

If you have any questions about cleaning your toy donations before sending them to us, contact us today and we’ll help you with any queries.

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