We accept all donations of teddy bears and other soft toys. No matter if it’s an old bear, a handmade friend or a new branded toy, there is a place for everyone at Loved Before.


There are a number of ways to get your old friends to us, see below.


Your soft toy donation journey starts today!

Have friends looking for new adventures?

How can I donate?

Roadshow Collection

80C Bushey Grove Road




United Kingdom 

*Please note that this option is only available
for UK residents

Send to us

The easiest way to donate your teddies and soft toys to us is to send them directly.


Snuggle them safely in a box and secure with plenty of tape, then send to the following address.


For more packaging tips click here!


80C Bushey Grove Road




United Kingdom 

Drop off



If you are local and can't post your soft toy donation for whatever reason, we also accept drop off donations, ensuring your soft toys get to us.


Hit the button to book a drop off and we can organise a contact free drop off at the gates of HQ. 


Book contact free drop off

If neither of these options work for you, but you'd still like to donate your soft toys, register to join our roadshow map


We can let you know when we're swinging by to collect donations from your area in the future.


Tips for donating

What do you accept?

Unfortunately we can't accept donations of plastic toys or any friends that have mechanical or electronic inners. Other than that all shapes, size, species and conditions etc are welcome at HQ! 

How do I send their story?

Sending stories alongside your donation of teddies is a lovely way to ensure their new family know all about their old life.

Of course this is totally optional and can be done by downloading and printing our cards. However you choose to do it, please make sure it's clear what goes with who (if you're sending more than one at a time).

How do I know what to write?

This is totally up to you. It can be a name and their favourite food, a whole story or a memory you've shared with them.

Still stuck? Check out our prompts for more ideas. 

How do I package them?

When looking to donate soft toys / teddies we recommend a cardboard box with a return address (just in case!) but it doesn't really matter, as long as they're secure!

If you include a a note and contact info alongside your donation we can notify you when you friends arrive safely. 

Do I need to clean them before they arrive?

The simple answer is no! All donations go through a full spa process when they arrive, so no need to clean your soft toys before sending.


Still unsure about how to donate your teddy bears or soft toys to us? Contact us now and we can help you out. 

Frequently asked questions

What happens to my donation?

When you donation arrives, we'll get to know them as they settle into HQ, follow our Instgram to see the mischief all the teddies get up to at HQ. Eventually, your friend will make their way through the spa and then have their own personal photoshoot before being added to the adoption centre and finding new adventure.

I donated ages ago, why haven't I seen my friend online?

We receive a lot of new soft toy donations, and unfortunately are unable to introduce every new arrival. Some friends go up for adoption almost instantly and others take a bit longer but they are all safe and being looked after and will get their second chance as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our Instagram, Facebook & other social media pages to try and catch a glimpse of your donated friend causing caos at HQ

Are donations ever rejected?

As long as friends follow our guidelines of no plastic (apart from tiny parts), mechanical or electronic components, there's no reason we'd have to find another home for your friends ourselves and they're sure to be having fun at HQ as soon as they arrive. Still unsure if you can donate your toy to us? Check out our adopted page to see what kind of teddy bears and other stuffed toys we’ve rehomed. You can also contact us if you’re still unsure about your soft toy donation.

Do you still do courier collections?

Unfortunately at this time, courier collections is something we are still unable to offer. If you originally booked interest when they were running during the first phase of the pandemic, please know that we have your details and will get back to you as soon as possible about potential options.