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Thinking of donating?

Have you been clearing out old teddies, but can't quite bear the idea of handing them over to a charity shop?  

Or are you looking for a way to help your children part with the toys they don't even play with, but won't let you throw away?

Whatever your reason, whatever their story, all are welcome at Loved Before.

How To Donate

So, first you'll need to download our

card and print it off.

The idea of the cards are to tell us a bit about the life, story or character of the toy you're donating. If you're struggling for what to write, try some of our prompts to give you a helping hand.

Getting them to us

Mail them

If you'd like to send your Loved Before(s) to us, wrap them up safe with their cards and send them to the following address:

80C Bushey Grove Road




United Kingdom

Drop them off

If you'd like to drop them off and live in or around London, get in touch to arrange a good time with us

Have them

If the first two options just don't work for you, and you think you live roughly within the circle radius below, let us know and we'll come knocking on one of our collection rounds

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