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The first eco-friendly, fully sustainable soft toy adoption agency

"Several years back, during my time as a volunteer at a charity shop, I observed the influx of second hand toys arriving at the store.


These pre-loved toys, often handed over with cherished memories and sentimental significance, were carelessly cast aside, sometimes relegated to becoming dog toys or, even more dishearteningly, destined for landfill.


It became evident to me how the love, the vibrant life, and the stories of these eco toys were at risk of being lost and forgotten in an instant."

Teddy Bears in Forest

The Story of Loved Before 

" A lifetime of stories, memories and love, just thrown away "

"Loved Before was born with the mission to revolutionise our perspective on sustainable toys.


By redefining our attitudes toward pre-owned items through the medium of pre loved toys, we aim to demonstrate that, far from diminishing in value, an eco-friendly toy, once cherished, is made even more valuable by the love and life it has already experienced."

Charlotte, Founder

How Loved Before works?

Eco Rabbit Toy in Packaging

Your pre-loved toys arrive at HQ where they officially become Loved Befores.


Here they will meet the rest of the gang and settle in to all the madness and adventure that goes on here at Loved Before HQ! 

Recycled Toy with Dressing Gown

Donated friends visit the Loved Before "Spa", where they receive a clean and refresh. 

Each and everyone one of the pre-loved toys that arrive at HQ will have a tailored and thorough "Spa" treatment.

Rabbit & Hippo Soft Toy

Once they are ready for their new adventure each toy will have their own photoshoot.


From there they are added to the store along with the bio of their previous lives and adventures and are re-homed to find new their new family! 

Make-a-Wish UK - Logo White

At least half of the profit from every one of our sustainable toys 
once adopted goes
to Make-A-Wish UK.

Read more on our charity model.

Eco toys - supporting charity 
and promoting a more sustainable future 

Pre loved toy bears lying down

Saving The World,
One Teddy at a Time

While our passion for teddies is undeniable, at Loved Before, we view our mission as a catalyst for a broader shift in mindset—one where sustainable toys, particularly our eco-friendly teddies, mark just the beginning!


By using pre loved toys as a medium, we aim to confront consumer behaviours and foster meaningful relationships. Loved Before endeavours to empower future generations to redefine the rules and shape a more sustainable future.


Follow along on our socials and join us and on this journey by exploring our collection of sustainable toys on our store page.

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All Things Green

Holding Plant

At Loved Before, sustainability isn't just a part of our brand mission; it's the heartbeat that guides every decision we make. We go beyond recyclable packaging and eco-friendly choices (though we embrace those wholeheartedly). Our commitment runs deeper – it's about reshaping the narrative and changing what it means to be second-hand.

We passionately believes that the world is already filled with enough soft toys to last a lifetime, eliminating the necessity to produce more. By shifting perceptions of pre-loved items, we're on a mission to revolutionize the toy industry forever. Our collection of sustainable toys isn't just a product line; it's a movement towards a greener, more conscious playtime.

Ready to make a difference? Step into our store and be a part of the Loved Before journey. Shop consciously, play sustainably, and let's build a world where every toy has a story to tell.

Pre-loved bear with one arm

Imperfect     I'm perfect

At Loved Before, we celebrate the fact that our toys, whether aged by a single day or loved for over 80 years, have all been cherished before. From sitting on shelves to travelling the world in a backpack, each one carries a history of love and fond memories.

Our collections showcases toys that have weathered the journey of life – worn, battered, and beautifully imperfect. Far from what some might consider 'perfect,' these toys are, in fact, more precious because of their unique journeys. Loved Before believes that in the realm of love and acceptance, 'imperfections' hold no weight. Through the medium of pre-loved toys, we're reminded that true beauty lies in the individuality of each toy, and there's no such thing as 'perfect.'

Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, and find a companion that tells a story only time and love can create. Visit Loved Again to see all the toys who have passed through our doors and are once again making unforgettable memories with their new families and friends! 

If you have more questions about Loved Before and how we aim to change to planet one sustainable toy at a time why not check our our FAQ's page? 

Still cant find what your looking for? Please get in touch and we will answer any questions you might have!

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