Our Story

" A lifetime of stories, memories and love,

just thrown onto a pile

and sold for pennies "

Charlotte, founder

A few years ago, our founder was working in a charity shop. Charlotte noticed that one of their most frequently received item types were soft toys, and that objects which often held great sentimental value, were being thrown onto a pile and sold for as little as twenty pence. She witnessed how the love, and the life and the stories were lost and forgotten, just like that. 

Loved Before was born in an attempt to change the way we think about, and use soft toys forever by challenging our perceptions of pre-owned objects and showing that instead of losing value, a toy once loved is made even more valuable by the love and life it has already experienced.  


Whilst based on the observations of only a handful of toys, since its launch, Loved Before has rehoused thousands of teddies - big and small, old and new, battered and pristine, and we're only just starting on our global mission of changing the world, one toy at a time.


How it Works


You fill in a card and then send us your toy(s) - we can also pick up or you drop off to Loved Before HQ


Your toy visits the Loved Before spa where they
receive a full clean and refresh


Your toy has their photo
taken and settles in at
Loved Before HQ.


People browse the online 

store, or visit us at events

and choose from the vast

stories and characters 


Our Mission

Saving The World,
One Teddy at a Time

Although we are clearly mad about teddies, we see Loved Before, and its mission, as part of a much wider change in mindset - in which teddies are only just the start! Through the medium of bears, we hope that Loved Before can challenge consumer behaviours and relationships and help the next generations to re-write the rules, and the future. 

All Things Green

Sustainability plays a huge part in our overall brand mission. And it's not just about recyclable packaging and making greener choices (although we do all that too), but it's about the bigger picture and a greater need. Loved Before believe that there are enough soft toys already in the world to never have to produce another again and that through changing perceptions of the pre-loved objects that already exist, we can begin to revolutionise the toy industry, forever. 

Imperfect    I'm perfect

Whether it be by 1 day, or 80 years, whether they've been sitting on a shelf, or have travelled the world dangling from a backpack, all of our toys have been Loved Before and that means they often look it! They can be worn, battered, broken and in general terms, are far from 'perfect'. Through Loved Before, what we show every day is that 'imperfections' mean absolutely nothing in the context of love and acceptance and as we're learning more and more through the medium of bears, there really is no such thing as 'perfection'. 

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