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Top 5 Films to Watch With Your Teddy

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Five: Brother Bear

The first in our countdown to the top 5 films you should watch with your teddy is a 2003 Disney classic about a young Inuit boy named Kenai who pursues revenge over a bear who killed his brother. As punishment for killing the bear he sought revenge after, Kenai himself becomes a bear and to return to his human form, must travel to a special mountain on the quest of a lifetime where little Kenai, with help from a bear cub, learns the true meaning of brotherhood. This is a touching story, and a great film to snuggle up with under a blanket on a Sunday afternoon.

Four: Ted

Be warned, this controversial 2012 film about a teddy bear that comes to life, is definitely not for children! The film follows the adventures of adult John Bennett and his childhood teddy ‘Ted’ as they get up to all sorts of nuisance after John wishes Ted to come to life as a young boy. There are ups and downs, fights and break ups and so much more. This film is great for a giggle over a takeaway with friends!

Three:The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is a great examples of one of those films that really does appeal to multiple audiences. Although it is totally child-friendly and based on the well-loved plastic figurines, there’s great humour for the whole family to enjoy throughout the film. The narrative follows main character Emmet as he learns that not everyone is the same in the city he has always called home, and together with a group of crazy new friends, they defeat the evil Lord Business and his much feared weapon - the ‘Kragle’.

Two: Paddington 1 & 2

This truly unique film is a fabulous take on the brilliant Paddington Bear. Seen in animation as never before, the film shows the story of a young bear who is shipped off to London by his aunt, after their home habitat becomes too dangerous to endure. Unfamiliar with human customs, and in particular the London way of life, this little bear gets up to all sorts whilst in the care of his new family, whilst not everyone around him has his best intentions at heart. A real feel good film, with a fabulous sequel to watch afterwards!

One: Toy Story 1,2,3 (&4)

Our top position has got to go to this absolute classic family film. The film follows the adventures of a group of toys owned by child Andy and follow both Andy and his toys as Andy grows from child to man. Woody, Buzz, Jessie and more have become household names and will always hold a special place in the hearts of many. These are the kinds of films you can watch repeatedly and unapologetically, and they somehow get better every time!

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