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Junior Cuddle
Coordinator 🐻 

As a Junior Cuddle Coordinator at our Stuffie Rehoming Services Team, you'll play a vital role in spreading joy and comfort to children and adults alike by ensuring that each stuffed animal finds its perfect new home. This entry-level position encompasses two key responsibilities: online packing and retail packing.

Online Packing Responsibilities: In the online packing role, you'll be responsible for carefully selecting and packaging stuffed animals ordered through our online platform. Your attention to detail and care will ensure that each stuffie is packed securely and arrives at its destination ready to provide endless cuddles to its new owner. You'll work closely with the fulfilment team to prioritise orders and maintain efficient packing processes.

Retail Packing Responsibilities: In the retail packing role, you'll be tasked with preparing shipments for our valued retail partners. This involves meticulously organising and packing stuffed animals for delivery to stores, ensuring that each package is presented beautifully and ready for display. Your dedication to quality control will uphold our commitment to providing the highest standards of customer satisfaction to our retail partners.

Overall Responsibilities: Regardless of the specific packing role, as a Junior Cuddle Coordinator, you'll be expected to uphold our organisation's values of compassion, responsibility, and excellence in every aspect of your work. You'll collaborate closely with other team members to maintain a positive and supportive work environment while consistently meeting packing quotas and deadlines. Your enthusiasm for spreading warmth and happiness through our stuffed animal adoption agency will shine through in all your interactions with customers, colleagues, and, most importantly, the beloved stuffies themselves.

We have a role open for online, and for retail. We will decide via the interview process who is best for which. 

In person, in our new space!

As a Junior Cuddle Coordinator at our Stuffie Rehoming Services Team, you'll find yourself nestled within the tranquil surroundings of the Claydon Estate in Middle Claydon. The role is in person, and hands-on, so you'll need to be a comfortable commute away.


Full time, paid roles

This position as a Junior Cuddle Coordinator at our Stuffie Rehoming Services Team is a full-time commitment, offering you the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in our mission. The positions would commence as soon as possible, ideally around the start of May.


Two open roles

We currently have two open roles for Junior Cuddle Coordinators within our Stuffie Rehoming Services Team. As we continue to expand our operations, we're seeking passionate individuals who are eager to spread joy and comfort through their work. Whether you're interested in online packing or retail packing, both positions offer the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of our customers and the stuffies they adopt.


What we're looking for

In our search for Junior Cuddle Coordinators to join our Stuffie Rehoming Services Team, we're embarking on a thrilling adventure during a pivotal moment in our journey. As we expand our operations and strive to reach even more hearts with our stuffed animals, we need individuals who are ready to embrace the excitement and unpredictability of this unique opportunity. The ideal candidates will possess not only the necessary skills for the role but also a sense of adventure and adaptability to thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Sound interesting?

Please tell us why you'd like to get involved, along with your CV by emailing

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