*This is an upsetting story and may be unsuitable for young children.* 'This is Rosie. She was bought for me when I was 5. I was in Harrogate Hosptial in Yorkshire (where I'm from) because my dad, brother and I were involved in a car accident. We'd been to Scotland and my mum was teaching so couldn't come. The family who hit us were driving on the wrong side of the road. It was in the days before we all had to wear seatbelts. I rolled off the backseat and into the footwell and hurt my stomach, hence why I went to hospital. My brother was fine. My dad was lucky to be alive. Most of his ribs were broken, and his legs, totally smashed knee caps, arms and knocked some teeth out. He was in hopsital for months and my mum took him food everyday as he refused to eat hospital food. It was 45 years ago! Anyway, Rosie was a gift from my mum. My dear old dad had a really great life and recovered. Anyway, Rosie was very loved. She started her life blonde and my mum changed her hair to brown. I love the fact that Rosie'll go to a new home where she'll be loved again.'


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