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Edward loves nothing more than a good rain shower and a chance to play in the puddles. Edward isn't one to let a little bad weather dampen his spirits. In fact, he embraces it, putting on his raincoat and boots and heading out the door for a walk. He loves the sound of raindrops hitting the pavement and the feel of cold water splashing up on his paws. Edward is always up for an adventure and will happily explore the great outdoors, no matter the weather.




  • Once soft toys are ordered, it takes a day or two for them to finish up in the spa and then be prepared. They will then be shipped according to the option you choose. Please note that due to current circumstances and extra pressure on the postal service, orders may be subject to delays and customers should get in touch with questions or queries on specific orders.


    * Product weight includes packaging for accurate shipping costs

Our Sustainable Soft Toy Mission

Our mission is to make a difference by rehoming sustainable toys that are not only adorable but also better for our planet. We believe through the medium of soft toys we can teach sustainable consumerism and  the importance of  "buying green"  to future generations.

When you purchase a sustainable toy from Loved Before it comes with fully recyclable / fully biodegradable packaging. All sustainably sourced within the UK to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. So not only are the soft toys you buy fully sustainable toys due to their pre-loved nature  we also think about all the little details too! 

To read our full sustainable toys mission statement click the button below:

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